Bourbon Street * San Diego Gay Bars

O' my Bourbon street! What will we do with ourselves? Bourbon street is a bar located right outside of Hillcrest in the small community of University Heights. Bourbon street offers so many event nights that it will be hard for you to stay indoors. They recently started serving food. They now offer you dinner or a midnight snack. They have an outside patio, and a dance floor that bares half it's walls to the outside! Are you dancing inside or outside? It's much more fun to do both. Thank you Bourbon.

This venue has pool, and balcony views from the second floor, you cruisers you. They have and inside bar, they have an outside bar, can you tell Bourbon street doesn't like to keep their patrons cooped up? They know better. We like to let our hair down and we love their foam party at pride even more. Bourbon hosts one night that will catch your attention. On Saturdays they have reverse cover. That's right! They pay you to grow a beer belly! If you come that night they give you a discount voucher for your first drink. Bourbon street, you make us feel all fuzzy inside.

Bourbon Street
4612 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 291-0173

Bourbon Street in San Diego