The Brass Rail * San Diego Gay Bars

If a dive bar and a dancing club had a baby, the Brass Rail would be the love child. The Brass Rail has the casual quaintness of a dive, and the dance floor of a club. This hybrid of a bar means business. They make sure to take care of their patrons by being well equipped with dancing platforms and a sturdy stripper pole. Don't forget manic Mondays, the most popular time of the week. Get nostalgic dancing to the 80's and throw back a few $1 well drinks.

The Brass Rail has cheap cover charges and drink specials for all your pre-party needs. They feature the Golden Chicks on Wednesdays, girls night on Fridays, Sabado en Fuego on Saturdays, and football on Sundays. Don't forget to plan your Tuesdays elsewhere folks because the doors will be closed. Boys and girls the Brass Rail welcomes you.

The Brass Rail
3796 5th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 298-2233

The Brass Rail in San Diego