The Flame * San Diego Gay Bars

The Flame is a bar and lounge that brings a kick back atmosphere to a club. If you aren't feeling saucy, and just want to chill, you can indulge in your vice of choice at this location. For those who are ready to stay out all night, dance until the bar kicks you out, and wake up smelling like a fog machine, you better head to the Flame. This provocative club brings a different vibe to Hillcrest, and let me tell you why.

This bar and lounge hosts "Sabbat", the local Goth night. This is THE only place where you will ever witness corsets, vinyl, and fetish gogo's parade around with the greatest of ease. They have a V.I.P section, stripper poles, and two separate rooms where they host events and of course a variety of dj's. The Flame is well known to host musical guests and performance artists on their designated special event Thursdays. Friday is their girl night, also known as "soul kiss", and their Saturday themed nights are always fluctuating to accommodate everyone in the community. The Flame will always succeed to spice up your night in one way or another.

The Flame
3780 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92103-3639
(619) 795-8578

The Flame in San Diego