Pecs * San Diego Gay Bars

Pecís, a local dive in our gay district of San Diego isnít your typical gay bar. It is a manís bar, Attention Bears! Come one Come All!!! Pecís loves the Bears of San Diego, which is refreshing. Not to mention part of said bar is labeled the "man cave", who doesnít love that? Their drinks are dirt-cheap but donít question the quality. They have favorites like their cotton candy vodka and of course a variety of drafts.

A Breathalyzer is available to all, mostly for entertainment. They would never disappoint by neglecting the dive goer of their pool table, jukebox and darts. If you are looking for a manly good time in a not so "clubby" atmosphere Pecís is waiting for you.

2046 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 296-0889

Pecs in San Diego